Space Development Agency to acquire 28 missile-tracking satellites to launch in late 2024
Space Force official: U.S. has a broad range of options to respond to space aggression
Final defense bill nixes space guard, directs classification review of space programs
Valley Tech Systems wins $94 million missile defense contract
Op-ed | U.S. must stop Russia before space turns into a wasteland
ULA launches STP-3 mission with national security and NASA payloads
Rocket engine supplier Ursa Major raises $85 million in new funding round
DoD space agency making contingency plans in case Congress doesn’t pass a budget
BAE Systems to supply space-qualified microchips for DoD programs
U.S. was not blindsided by Russia’s anti-satellite test, say officials
Changes ahead for Space Force procurement organizations
Three startups win prize money from U.S. Space Force accelerator
Tory Bruno: ULA won’t get engines by Christmas, BE-4s coming in early 2022
U.S. Air Force Secretary Kendall: Short-term funding an ‘unfortunate’ reality for defense programs
Biden administration turns focus to space security
Mike Griffin critical of U.S. response to China’s advances in hypersonic weapons

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