Europe awards study contract for disruptive satellite constellation ideas
ESA ministers approve strategy to work on terrestrial and space safety issues
SES orders two replacement satellites for broadcast market
Morpheus unveils Sphere product line for satellite constellations
Planet to acquire VanderSat in $28 million deal
Fledgling European space businesses still lacking the funds to fly
Iceye officially joins Copernicus Earth-observation Program
SpaceLink hires OHB to build data relay satellites
Finland’s Kuva Space raises funds for hyperspectral constellation
Xenesis and MBS Lab forge pact to test optical communications
Isar Aerospace to launch OroraTech wildfire monitoring cubesat constellation
DLR opens applications for free launch services aboard Isar Aerospace demo missions
ESA pursuing European space summit to discuss new flagship space programs
Vega launches second Pléiades Neo imaging satellite
Europe’s meteorological satellite agency makes first commercial data acquisition
SES and Eutelsat point to improving broadcast trends

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