China’s SAR satellite surge continues with new constellation plan
India, Russia agree to enhance space cooperation
Chinese private firm Galactic Energy puts five satellites in orbit with second launch
South Korea’s Hanwha to expand space business portfolio with rocket development
ADA Space raises $55.6 million in Series B round
Kuaizhou-1A rocket launches classified Shiyan-11 satellite
Japan to recruit first new astronauts in 13 years to support Artemis program 
China launches new Gaofen-11 high resolution spy satellite to match U.S. capabilities
Japan, Australia condemn Russia for ‘irresponsible’ anti-satellite missile test
China silent, South Korea ‘concerned’ over debris created by Russia’s anti-satellite missile test
Japan to launch 2nd space defense unit to protect satellites from electromagnetic attack
Chinese crewed moon landing possible by 2030, says senior space figure
South Korean ground station operator orders its first EO satellite
South Korea to develop reusable rocket with 100-ton thrust engines
Chinese rocket firms make new moves toward launch
Japan’s Epsilon 5 rocket launches nine small satellites

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