Hedron, formerly Analytical Space, raises $17.8 million
SpaceLink hires OHB to build data relay satellites
HySpecIQ turns to BridgeComm for optical downlinks
DARPA seeking satellite laser terminals that can talk to any space network
In-Space Missions wins contract for British military smallsat
Analytical Space Inc. hires KSAT’s Monson and Velazco of JPL
DoD space agency to create marketplace for commercial satellite data
DoD space agency to launch laser communications experiments on SpaceX rideshare
Space Development Agency to add more laser links to satellites if the price is right
Analytical Space wins $26.4 million to establish optical network
Xenesis adopts revenue-sharing model for optical communications
Laser communications company Mynaric opens Washington office
Aerospace Corp. seeks to license laser communications
German export ban blocks Mynaric’s first laser terminal from launching in China
DoD to test laser communications terminals in low Earth orbit
Space Micro wins $3 million for laser communications terminal
French photonics startup Cailabs raises $8.8 million
Xenesis to test optical terminal on Bartolomeo platform
Xenesis inks optical transceiver distribution deal
Are laser links ready for prime time?

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