Soyuz launches Japanese private astronauts to ISS
Space Adventures no longer planning Crew Dragon flight
Soyuz returns cosmonauts and film crew to Earth
Op-Ed | It’s Time to Rescind the Moratorium on Regulation of Commercial Spaceflight
Space Perspective raises $40 million for stratospheric ballooning system
World View revives plans for stratospheric balloon passenger flights
UN secretary-general criticizes “billionaires joyriding to space”
Commercial spaceflight industry sees Inspiration4 as a pathfinder but not a model
Inspiration4 private crewed mission nears launch
Op-ed | Unlocking New Economic Frontiers in Space
Op-ed | Space tourism’s environmental price tag
Will suborbital space tourism take a suborbital trajectory?
FAA revises criteria for commercial astronaut wings
Space Perspective performs first balloon test flight, begins ticket sales
NASA soliciting proposals for two private astronaut missions
Axiom Space purchases three Crew Dragon missions
Japanese billionaire, Russian actress to fly to ISS
Orbite to offer commercial human spaceflight training program
NASA increases prices for ISS private astronaut missions
Russia to select actress for Soyuz mission in May

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