NASA announces new astronauts as safety panel recommends strategic planning for space exploration
Japan to recruit first new astronauts in 13 years to support Artemis program 
Northrop-led team proposes Artemis lunar rover
NASA inspector general warns of further delays in returning humans to the moon
NASA delays human lunar landing to at least 2025
NASA to provide Artemis update
NASA sets Artemis 1 launch for no earlier than February
NASA expects vaccination mandates to have little impact on Artemis 1 preparations
Australia to provide rover for future NASA lunar lander mission
Nelson remains confident regarding funding for Artemis
First SLS launch likely to slip to 2022
NASA selects five companies for lunar lander studies
SLS cubesats arrive for Artemis 1 launch
Nelson: Blue Origin lawsuit adds further delays to Artemis
Foust Forward | A schedule better suited for Artemis
Op-ed | Private industry spacesuit advancements are the solution to OIG report findings
Lunar spacesuits won’t be ready in time for 2024 landing
Increasing demands putting pressure on Deep Space Network
NASA seeking proposals for next phase of Artemis lunar lander services despite industry protests
Nelson says Artemis plans pending decision on GAO protest

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