SpaceFund to invest in navigation system for cislunar space 
Exotrail to provide thrust for York cislunar mission
General Atomics wins DARPA contract to develop nuclear reactor to power missions to the moon
Australian startup develops quantum sensors for space applications
Frontier Aerospace wins second propulsion contract from Astrobotic
Frontier Aerospace completes design of Peregrine thrusters
Spacebit invites research partners for 2021 lunar missions
ULA’s Tory Bruno argues for U.S. investments in the production of fuel in space
Space Force members can go to the moon, if they’re picked by NASA
NASA affirms partnership with Space Force, Bridenstine stresses value of ‘soft power’
U.S. military eyes a role in the great power competition for lunar resources
Voyager Space Holdings announces acquisition of Pioneer Astronautics
India launches Chandrayaan-2 lunar orbiter and lander mission
Safety panel calls on NASA to apply commercial crew lessons for Artemis
White House reiterates human moon missions on the path to Mars
U.S. and Japan to cooperate on return to the moon

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